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July 21, 2008
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How I draw a werewolf? by WolfLSI How I draw a werewolf? by WolfLSI
1.A4 Size paper : For laser printer/copy machine are recommended.
2.Blue pencil : For sketch and pose layout.
3.0.5mm mechanical pencil : HB and 2B are recommended.
4.0.3mm mechanical pencil : For detailing and tiny places.
5.Graph eraser : Easy to clean up. *important*

One.. Determine the pose and the action line in your mind. Then do a fast sketch of the pose with blue pencil or light black pencil. You can ignore the detailed parts in this step . In the fast sketch, a wolf head resembles two circles covering one another. Different angles have different sizes of coverage area; the side view of wolf head looks like one rectangular and one circle covering each other some parts.

Two.. Start to draw head in detail, take reference from photos of animals. We will take Timberwolf as an example. The head characteristic has raised ears, long muzzle and the area around eyes/cheek/lower muzzle has white fur. Before inking the final lines, we can erase or lighter sketch lines in the area you wish to draw first. It will make the drawing much neater this way.

Three.. Start to draw the torso muscles. The front/rear view of muscle structure is shown as below.

Four.. When the upper torso is finished, We can start to draw the lower body. Notice the hands and wolf's paw pads.

Five.. When drawing the lower body, please notice the legs and feet. Take reference from animal photos or have detailed view of the animal. For wolves, they walk on their toes (digitigrade). And middle toes will be larger than side toes, Canines do not have retractable claws. When they are angry or in defense position their back fur (hackles) will stand on end to make them look larger. If you don't wish to draw digitigrade, you can draw normal legs and foot (plantigrade). Remember to add claws.

Six.. When the whole body is finished, We can start to add the things like clothes or some small ornaments like rings, and the shadows.

We can do more detailed parts and erase the useless lines, it will be good for the future progress. (i.e. outline, add screen, paint, etc).

This is an old tutorial,hope this helps~
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Thanks for this, I will use this.
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I'm going to try and 3d model a werewolf character and this is a fantastic reference! The anatomy and everything is fantastic!
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天啊!我到現在才發現這個教程…… QQ
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Very nice, considering making one of my own characters have a werewolf form, this tutorial is definitely gonna help :)
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there i see i werewolf saying "hi" to me... of course that wouldnt happen in real situations when u actually meet one because they'll pounce on you immediately!
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Useful. And we can see how YOU draw your work, knowing your artistic technique.
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Very nicely designed. This makes a great tutorial to work with.
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Thanks for letting us using this. It's really useful!!
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